19 Inch Rack Rails Are Used for Compact Equipment

There are different types of racks available for all types of equipment. A rack requires at least two rails for mounting equipment to the rack. Racks with two rails are commonly used for mounting network patch panels because they do not require a large depth. For other types of equipment, you will want to look at racks with four rails. When you have compact equipment with a width of 19 inches or less, you can look at using 19 inch rack rails.

Your Available Space Will Determine the Height of 19 Inch Rack Rails

Selecting the height of 19 inch rack rails to use will depend on your available space. If you are able to use the full height in a room, from the floor to the ceiling, you can look at taller racks. However, if you are limited in space, or only have a few pieces of equipment to install in the rack, then you will want to consider using half height racks.

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Is Your Server Rack Going to Be Big Enough

As the time comes to add another server to your system, you are going to need to take a very good look at the server rack you are currently using is going to be big enough to handle not only the new server, but any peripheral equipment. Unless you planned ahead and bought a rack that was bigger than your initial needs, you may find that not only is it too small, but it is not designed to handle the extra weight.

Your New Server Rack Must Be Able to Handle the Load

When you start shopping for a new server rack, not only do you need to find one that is going to be big enough to hold all of your servers and peripherals, but one that can support the extra weight. If you buy a rack that is not designed to carry the load, there is a distinct possibility that you could arrive onsite to find your rack and everything that was installed in it laying on the floor in pieces.

Can Your Server Rack Handle the Load?

The day you installed your server rack, there was only a single server to install in it. However, now that your business has grown, you are going to have to install more servers to handle all of your traffic. At this point you cannot just start bolting your new servers in place. Before you do, you need to take a very close look at the load carrying capacity of the rack you are currently using.

Your Server Rack Has to Be Able to Handle the Load

You are likely to find that if you try to add more weight to your server rack than it was designed to handle, that you are going to come in one morning and find one or more of your expensive servers in pieces on the floor.  The easiest way for you to avoid this potentially disastrous situation is to think seriously about upgrading your server rack at the same time as you add the new servers and check to make sure the one you buy can handle the load.

We Will Help You Find the Best Server Rack System

We can help you find a server rack system that is compatible with most major manufacturers, such as Dell, HP, Compaq, and others. Our great pricing helps you stretch your budget, while getting the product that you need for your application.

You won’t need to worry about heat and humidity with our server rack system

We have an Alert-A-Rack server rack system that will give you advance warning if the temperature or humidity gets too high. You can receive alerts by email with this system, that give you enough warning to handle the problem before damage to your equipment occurs. The system has maximum air flow design, and a dual fan with fan kit and cable entry points. Two sets of heavy-duty adjustable square-hold stainless steel rack rails keep your equipment secure and safe. This system also features locking full-perforated front and split rear doors. It is made with a black finish and is available in 15U, 22U, 36U, 42U, in 26.5 inch or 34.25 inch usable depth.

We also have alert-a-rack server rack accessories

We also carry a wide variety of Alert-A-Rack accessories, like fan, shelves, power, screws, and other supplies that you may need.

Remember to Keep It Cool When Choosing a Server Rack

If you are getting ready to choose a new server rack for the new selection of servers your company has invested in, there are several things that you need to take into consideration. Among them are making sure that the rack you are looking at is the right size for the servers you are going to be installing and that it is going to help keep your servers cool.

Not Every Server Rack Offers the Best Airflow

One of the biggest problems you are going to find when you are looking for a server rack is that many of those on the market are not designed for optimum air flow. If you end up choosing a rack that does not allow for plenty of air flow, you are risking your servers overheating when they are under heavy usage and this can destroy them. Always check the design thoroughly to ensure you get the best air flow design possible.

Is Your Server Rack Built to Take the Load?

When you first installed your server rack, you only had a single server to install in it, but now that your business has expanded, you need to install more servers to handle the traffic. Before you simply start bolting your new servers in place, you need to take a very good look at the load carrying capacity of the rack you are currently using.

Your Server Rack Must Be Rated for the Load

If you try and add more weight to your server rack than it was built to handle, you are putting all of your equipment at risk. While that old rack might seem like it is handling the extra weight, you have no way of knowing when, not if, it is going to collapse under the load and drop all of your servers and peripherals on the floor. You can avoid this by making sure you upgrade your racks to units that are made to handle the load.

Choose Your Server Rack Carefully

As you are drawing up the plans for your server room, you are going to have to take a lot of equipment into consideration. One of the most important items you need to think very carefully about before you go too far is the type of server rack you plan to install all of your servers into. Your servers are going to generate a lot of heat and if your racks are not big enough to provide adequate ventilation you could end up with major problems.

The Best Server Rack Has Built in Warning Sensors and an Alert System

Unless you plan to babysit your servers 24 hours a day, you may find that a server rack that features a built in monitoring system may be your best choice. In most cases, these racks feature a built in system that monitors both temperature and humidity. If either of them go beyond established parameters, you are sent an immediate email alert so that you can address the problem.