Three Reasons Why You Need A Server Rack

42U 36.5 inch  Usable Depth Black WC Series 19 inch  Rackmount Server Rack Cabinet Package, New Style. OD: 23.62 inch W X 39.37 inch D X 80.91 inch H

1.)  Clean up- If you are a small business that has servers spread out on tables or stacked on floor, a server rack will clean up the clutter and make use of vertical space.

2.)  Safety- Cables and cords can be organized for easy access and prevent tripping hazards.

3.)  Faster work flow- When a server and it’s functioning cables are set up properly and organized, the tools can work to their maximum potential. If set up incorrectly your system could crash more often.

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Why Use a Server Rack?

1Have you ever noticed that your laptop gets warmer the longer you use it? Electronic power generates heat. Servers, generally sourcing power to many machines all day long, subsequently, get very hot. Thus, storing servers improperly can lead to overheating, damage, even explosion. Situating your equipment on a rack can prevent against this damage. Racks elevate equipment off the floor, letting air flow and cool down heated parts. Be sure to use a rack big enough to elevate every component of such apparatus to properly and safely store your server equipment.

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You Can Use a 19” Server Rack for Equipment under 19” Wide and 30” Deep

Server racks come in different widths, depths and heights. The width is the measurement in inches of your computer server or other type of equipment. You will want to measure the face of the unit to obtain this measurement. Once you have this measurement, you will want to measure the depth of the equipment. If the width is 19 inches or under and the depth is 30 inches or under, you can look at using a compact 19” server rack.

You Need Rack Mount Shelves for Your 19” Server Rack

You will need to look at different accessories for your 19” server rack in order to install your equipment. You will need to get rack mount shelves, which are secured to the server rack by using screws. Once the shelves are installed, you can then install your computer server or other equipment into the server rack.

Use Server Rack Screws to Install Accessories in Your Server Racks

When you are organizing your server room with server racks, you will need different types of accessories. One type of available accessory is rackmount shelves and drawers. These accessories are designed to fit inside the server rack to help hold, and support your network servers. Some styles of shelves are fixed, while other styles will slide out. In order to install these accessories in your server racks, you will need server rack screws.

Other Accessories Which Need Attached with Server Rack Screws

Other types of server rack accessories are designed to make your server racks look well organized. You can find rackmount blank, solid, and vented panels. These panels are used to fill in open gaps in your server racks. To help keep your network cables organized, you can use a rackmount cable management accessory. With this accessory, you run your network cables through the device, instead of letting them hang down the back of the server racks. You will need server rack screws to secure and attach these items to your server racks.

Use a Wall Mounted Server Rack When You Lack Space

In certain locations in your building, you may be limited on the amount of space you have available for running network and telecommunication cables. The space limitations may not allow you to use full size server racks for mounting patch panels. One solution available is to use a wall mounted server rack. This type of server rack attaches directly to the wall, while keeping your cables and wiring off the floor.

For Easy Rear Access Use a Pivoting Wall Mounted Server Rack

Accessing the rear of a wall mounted server rack can be an issue when you need to add equipment. One option you can use is a pivoting wall cabinet server rack. This type of server rack allows you to open and pivot the rack, to gain access to the rear of your equipment. Once your equipment is installed, you are able to connect any required power cords and wiring from the rear. With a pivoting cabinet, you do not have to worry about making these connections before equipment installation.

Use a Half Height Server Rack When You Have Space Restrictions

Sometimes you will have space restrictions which can make setting up computer servers and equipment more difficult. However, all is not lost just because you cannot use a normal height server rack. Instead of putting your equipment and servers directly on the floor or setting them on a desk, you can look at using a half height server rack. This type of server rack can be placed under surfaces on the floor, or set on top.

A Half Height Server Rack Is Ideal When You Only Have One or Two Servers

When you only have one or two servers in use at your business, you may not require a normal height server rack. Using normal height server racks will leave a lot of unused space. You may want to consider using a half height server rack, instead. You can find models ranging from 3U all the way up to 25U, with depths available up to 32 inches.


Use a 2 Post Server Rack to Clean Up Your Wiring Closets

Wiring closets can be a nightmare when you just have network cables plugged into patch boxes and laying around on the floor. Cables can be tangled together, which makes it difficult to determine which network relay matches which cable. You can take charge to clean up this nightmare by using a 2 post server rack. This type of server rack allows you to secure patch boxes and horizontal relay racks in between the two posts.

A 2 Post Server Rack Can Also Be Used to Organize Telephone Lines

Besides helping to organize your network cables, a 2 post server rack can also be used to organize your telephone lines. You can have different 2 post racks in the same wiring closet. You can use one rack for your network cables and the other one for your telephone cables. Consider using different colored cables, where you use one color for network connections and another color for telephone connections.

Use a 19 Inch Server Rack for Your Shallow Network Hardware

The size of computer servers has gotten smaller as manufacturing processes changed. Computer components were able to be made smaller and require less space. These small components still provided the same amount of computing power, if not more, than their larger counterparts. Computer servers, today, are much smaller and require less room. Instead of using large server racks to store your modern network servers, you can use a 19 inch server rack for shallow hardware.

A 19 Inch Server Rack Is Designed to Hold 19 Inch Wide Hardware

A 19 inch server rack may be a misleading term, when you are looking for a compact server rack. These models of server racks are designed for 19 inch wide rack mount hardware with varying depths all the way up to 30 inches. Besides holding computer servers, you can also use these compact server racks for holding your audio and video equipment.

Comparing 24U Server Rack Models Includes Other Items besides Dimensions

Picking out the right 24U server rack requires you to know the dimensions of the equipment you plan on putting the server rack. While the heights of the 24U models are similar, this is not the only thing you need to consider. You also need to decide how many shelves you need to install into the rack, the cooling ability of the rack, and the available accessories for the server rack.

There Are Different Placement Options Available for a 24U Server Rack

A 24U server rack offers you different placement options. You can choose one style which sits flat on the floor in your server room. If you want a portable server rack, you should look at models which include caster wheels on the bottom of the base. When you do not want the server rack sitting on the floor, another option available is a wall mounted server rack.

A Mobile Server Rack Makes Moving Servers and Equipment Easy

Organizations sometimes require the ability to move computer servers and other equipment around, like for in-house training classes. Rather than just carrying the equipment from one location to the next, or moving it around on a cart, you can look at using a mobile server rack. This type of rack has wheels on the bottom of the base. When you need to move the server rack, you just push it along the floor and move it from one place to another.

You Can Find a Mobile Server Rack for Shipping Equipment Offsite

A mobile server rack is available in different styles, depending on what type of portable solution you require. You can use portable rack mount cases when you need to transport equipment offsite, like for a trade show. These types of cases often include shock resistant features to help keep your equipment safe and secure. Portable rack mount cases do not have to be unpacked. You just open the access doors on the case to set up your equipment.