ISC Opens Dallas Ft-Worth Warehouse For Rackmount Shelves And Wallmount Racks

Our customers in the DFW Metroplex can now relax a bit knowing they can quickly pick-up a rackmount shelf or wallmount rack when they need it quickly. We have added a lot of new products that will server our national customers as well. Orders placed by 3pm CST will ship out the same day. See complete selection at

You Need to Take Measurements to Select a Computer Rack Mount

When selecting a computer rack mount, you will need to take some measurements of your equipment. You will want to measure the width and length of the equipment, such as your network servers. The length may be referred to as depth for some rack mount models. The height should be measured and used to calculate the height of rack mount you will need. You should also account for the height of the shelves, when adding heights together.

Other Types of Equipment You Can Put in a Computer Rack Mount

A computer rack mount can be used for more than just computers and network servers. You can also use a rack mount for your audio, video, and monitoring equipment. By putting these types of equipment into a rack mount, it makes it easier to access the equipment. You have access to the front of the equipment, as well as unobstructed rear access. This makes is easier to connect cables, wiring and power cords and keep them from becoming tangled.

What is a Rack Mount Power Conditioner?

There are different power options available for you to use to plug in your network servers and other equipment installed in a rack. There are several types of products which provide the same features, but can be called by different names. For example, a rack mount power conditioner is basically the same thing as a rackmount power strip. While one manufacturer will call their product a power conditioner, another manufacturer will call their product a power strip.

Choosing the Right Rack Mount Power Conditioner

Choosing the right rack mount power conditioner for your rack depends on the type of unit you require. If you already have a UPS with surge protection, then you may not require surge protection in your power conditioner. However, if you do not use a UPS, or it does not have surge protection, then you will want to look at power conditioners, which include surge protection.


Lack Space for a Monitor? Consider a Monitor Rack Mount Instead

There are different ways in which you can connect a monitor to your servers. One option you can look at using is a monitor rack mount when you are tight on space. This type of solution allows you to install a rackmount keyboard complete with LCD display to each of your racks. Whenever you need to access any of your servers in the rack, you just open the display and select the server.

A Monitor Rack Mount Can Be Installed Flat On the Front of the Rack

Another type of configuration you can use with a monitor rack mount is one where the monitor is secured flat against the rack. This option allows you to always see the monitor and the selected server. You can also install a pull out drawer or slide out shelf, and use this space for storing your keyboard and mouse.


Take Control with a Rack Mount Keyboard

Running a server room is never an easy task as space is limited and trying to get anything done practically requires you to be a contortionist. However if you really want to take control of each server rack and not end up with a rolling keyboard getting in the way, you will find that a rack mount keyboard can take the acrobatics out of your server room.

A Rack Mount Keyboard Slides Out of the Way

One of the reasons installing a rack mount keyboard in each of your server racks makes good sense is that you can slide the keyboard out when you need to use it and then slide it safely out of the way when you don’t. Most of our rack mount shelves can also accommodate an LCD video monitor and a mouse so that using a KVM switch; you can have full control of all servers in the rack.

Save Room with a Rack Mount Keyboard LCD Monitor Combination

In the many server rooms there is no room at all to install a standard keyboard, mouse and monitor for each rack. In order to eliminate this problem most technicians prefer to install a single rack mount keyboard LCD monitor combination unit in each rack. A large percentage of them are available complete with their own built in KVM switch that allows you to connect to all of the servers in the rack.

We Carry a Large Selection of Rack Mount Keyboard LCD Monitor Combinations

As you browse the pages of our online catalog, you will find that we have a large selection of top quality rack mount keyboard LCD monitor combinations available for a variety of operating systems including Sun Solaris. While we offer one of the largest selections available, we also offer them at prices that are designed to fit into most budgets.

Choosing Rackmount Cases to Protect Your Equipment

While most IT equipment is housed in permanent server rooms filled with all of the necessary equipment, this does not meant that this is always the case. There are many instances in which your servers go wherever you go.  When this is the case, you need rackmount cases that will let you take your servers with you on the road and will help to protect them for shock and damage along the way.

Our SKB Series Rackmount Are Designed to Military Standards

If you need rackmount cases that are virtually indestructible and are going to provide you with maximum protection for your servers, you should take a good look at our Roto Shock Rack cases from SKB.  These cases have been designed to meet the standards established by the US military for durability, protection and rapid deployment capabilities. As they meet these standards, think about what they will do for your servers.

A Rack Mount LCD Monitor Can Help When Space Is At a Premium

It seems like no matter how big your server room is, space is always at a premium, a fact that most IT techs can happily attest to. The basic plan always seems to be to cram as many server racks as the designers can get into the smallest space possible. If this sounds like your server room, you should think about using rack mount LCD monitors to help you save space.

We Carry Rack Mount Monitors Two Different Sizes

As space is a major concern in your server room, we carry two different sizes of rack mount monitors to help ease the clutter. Our 8U monitor is a 19 inch LCD monitor and provides 1280 x 1084 resolution. If you need something a little bigger, you can choose our 9U model that is a 20 inch LCD monitor providing you with 1600 x 1200 resolution.  Both offer the same side to side viewing as a CRT monitor and come with all necessary mounting hardware included in the package.


We Have a Rack Mount That’s Right for Your Application

You may be looking for a rack mount, server rack, computer rack, or server cabinet. Fortunately, we have many of each of these products available to our customers. We feature many styles and sizes that offer choices for your needs.

Rack mount options for mounting computer hardware and servers

You may need a rack mount solution, or one of the components to store keyboards, monitors, or other parts of your system. We sell all components, including rackmount power strips, rackmount KVM switches, power supply (ups), rackmount keyboard, rackmount monitor, and other rackmount components. We can help you choose the best way to fit all of your components into a server rack or server cabinet. If we can help you find any of the solutions that you need, just call us at (800) 458-6255.

Rack mount solutions for space optimization

We have helped many companies plan solutions for optimizing work space with rackmount solutions. Using the standard 19” rackmount server with its vertical space is one way to optimize the space in your office. A notebook size keyboard or rackmount keyboard TFT LCD monitor with built in KVM switch can be used in this storage cabinet.

Adding a Rack Mount Fan for Better Cooling

When it seems as though nothing you are doing is keeping your servers cooled down when they are under a heavy load, you need to start examining your alternatives. You should start by looking at your rack design to ensure that your servers are getting the cooling air flow that they need. If this is not the problem, you might want to consider adding one or more rack mount fans to the system.

Rack Mount Fans Add Significant Cooling Air Flow

When you add one or more rack mount fans to your server racks, you will be able to increase the flow of cooling air in the rack significantly. This can mean the difference between keeping your servers cooling and running at optimum performance or losing them to overheating due to the lack of the necessary cooling air flow, which can be very expensive.