Before You Buy a Cheap Powerstrip

If you are planning to go to the nearest discount store to buy a powerstrip for a computer or series of computers in order to save the cost of buying one that is purpose built for the job, you need to stop and think. What you should be thinking about is the cost of replacing all of the equipment that you are going to plug into that $5 powerstrip that you thought you were saving money buying.

Never Trust a Cheap Powerstrip

When you buy a cheap powerstrip instead of one that is intended for use with sensitive electronic equipment such as computer, you are getting no protection whatsoever from power surges. Even today, a computer can be destroyed by a relatively small surge. If you think spending $5 is going to save you money, consider how hard it is going to be coming up with the hundreds of dollars you are going to have to spend replacing your computer and then look carefully at the power strips in our online catalog before you buy.

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