A PDU Makes Supplying Power to Your Servers Easy

One of the simpler challenges to deal with when you are assembling an IT room that has a number of servers, cooling units and back up servers in place is supplying power to everything in a carefully managed manner. This is where using a PDU or Power Distribution Unit can be the ideal solution as it can be used to supply power to everything from a single source.

The PDU Is Available In a Variety of Configurations

Perhaps the best reason to choose a PDU over a standard power strip is that they come in an incredible variety of configurations. There are PDUs that let you to turn off everything by using a single switch and those that have individual switches for each outlet. There are also PDUs that are remotely controlled so that you can power up or down individual servers from a remote location as necessary. Some have color coded outlets marking them off in sections and all can be purchased with our without surge protection built in.

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