A Monitored Network Rack Can Protect Your Servers

As you look at the servers in your racks, you should realize that you have thousands of dollars tied up in them. At the same time they have hundreds if not thousands of gigabytes of information stored in them that you cannot afford to lose simply because your servers overheated and crashed.  No matter what type of network rack configuration you are using, you have no way of knowing there is a problem unless you have someone monitoring them 24/7.

The Alert – A – Rack Network Rack System Is Designed to Overcome This Problem

With most types of network rack you buy, you are likely to end up with a situation where either the temperature or the humidity exceeds acceptable limits. The Alert- A – Rack server system we sell is designed to help you with this problem. Using the Zero U Environmental Sensor control, you set the parameters for both temperature and humidity levels in the rack. When either exceeds the established limitations, you will be notified automatically via email. This will give you the time to do something about the problem before any damage can occur.


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