Special Pricing On Black Box Tool- Less Rack Shelf

Black Box tool-less rack shelf for 4-post rack rails

Black Box tool-less rack shelf

If you have ever installed 4-post rack shelves, you have probably dropped a screw or two or pinched your fingers more than you want to admit.  Black Box has come to the rescue with their tool-less shelves.

The flanges on the telescoping mounting ears fit simply into the cage nut rack rails with no problem. To help you with lost screws and bruised fingers, we are offering these rack shelves at a special price. Pricing will be for a very limited time, so if you are interested, I would check them out now. On the other hand, these are so easy to use, they are worth it at most any price!

You can get more details by clicking on the following link:  http://www.serverrackoptions.com/onlinecatalog/server-rack/server-accy/tool-less.htm



Low Cost USB Lock – Peace Of Mind!

usb lock with key         usb lock without key

If you have tried different USB locks and found them difficult to use and very expensive, you might want to take a look at these. Just push the filler lock in the USB port and when you want to take it out, a unique key that is not easily replicated allows for easy removal. Low cost, easy to use and peace of mind can put a smile on your face. Try it and let us know how you liked it. You can more details at http://www.serverrackoptions.com/jack-lock.php

Why I Like These Locking C13 & C19 Power Cords

Auto-Lock C13 Cord Prevents Accidental Removal Or loose Cords. Also Available in C19

Auto-Lock C13 Cord Prevents Accidental Removal

Attempting to lock power cords in securely to prevent them from being accidentally pulled out of servers has been a source of great personal ingenuity. Wire brackets, nylon ties, Velcro and even epoxy! There have been more but I am a bit embarrassed to mention them.

I was excited when I found these locking cords because they do not require any “extra” anything to lock. The animation above shows you how they work and they can hold 30 lbs of pulled weight.  You can see all the different sizes, gauges, types, specs and pricing at http://www.serverrackoptions.com/autolock.php