Wall Mount Server Racks Offer Several Options

When you are putting together an IT room where space is a concern and you are not using enough servers to justify a full freestanding server rack, you may find that using one of the various styles of wall mount rack will get the job done. These racks are not only very popular, but are the perfect solution when you are faced with this type of situation and can save you money at the same time.

Wall Mount Server Racks Come in Numerous Sizes and Shapes

As you look through our online catalog, you are going to notice that wall mount servers come numerous sizes, shapes and models. With a little research however, you will be able to choose the right rack that is not only going to fit your server or servers, but is going to provide sufficient cooling and security. With this type of mount, you can choose the most convenient place to hang it and leave your IT room free of unnecessary clutter.

Good Airflow Is Vital in Your Choice of Computer Rack

When you are trying to decide what type of computer rack to buy for your servers, there are a number of considerations you need to take into account. One of the most important ones is the amount of cooling airflow within the cabinet. As today’s servers run at incredibly high temperatures, you must make sure that the rack you decide to buy is not going to create any hot spots.

The Right Computer Rack Will Keep Your Servers Cool

As you look at each computer rack, you need to look closely at the amount of space that will exist between each server and more importantly behind each server. You need to have as much room as possible to allow for plenty of fresh air to be drawn into the cabinet while letting the hot air out and keeping your servers running as cool as possible, even when they are operating at full capacity.

Measuring Your Server Cabinet Is Done Using a Unique Unit of Measurement

If you are buying your first sever cabinet or rack, you are going to find that the manufactures all discuss sizes in a particular unit of measurement. This is a unique unit known as the “U” and one “U” is equal to 1.75″. This measurement pertains specifically to the height of anything that will be placed in the cabinet racks and is a fairly easy number to calculate.

Calculating How Many “U”s Your Servers Measure

The easiest way to calculate how tall your servers are so that you make sure you are buying the right server cabinet is to physically measure their height in millimeters. You then divide this measurement by 1.75″ and the resulting answer is the height in “U”s of your servers. You can use this number when shopping for a new cabinet as they are listed with their “U” value included in all of the other measurements to help ensure that you pick the right one.

Your New Computer Cabinet Must Have Adequate Airflow

If you are putting together a new server system in your place of business, you are probably planning on buying at least one computer cabinet to house your servers. However, servers have evolved over the years and many of today’s servers are designed to take up only 1U-4U of space in the racks. Ostensibly this was done so that you could get more servers in a single rack, but it did create a new problem.

The Wrong Computer Cabinet Can Overheat Your Servers

These new blade style servers are significantly deeper than the older taller units and as such tend to run much hotter. If the computer cabinet you choose does not allow for plenty of space and airflow by being deeper than those designed for older servers, you could face significant overheating and subsequent damage to your servers. You need to make sure the cabinets you choose are made to accommodate the servers you will be using.

Server Racks by Any Other Name

When you get right down to it, server racks are simply enclosures that have been designed to hold your servers in a secure location. Whether you call them server racks, network equipment enclosure, network racks or server cabinets, it really does not matter as long as you buy the right ones to fit in with your specific needs. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you have to buy are racks that your servers are going to fit into.

Deciding What Size Server Racks You Need

As you look at the different server racks in our online catalog, there are two factors that will affect the ones that you end up buying. These are the brand of equipment you are planning to use and how much equipment you are planning to put in each rack. Try to plan ahead and buy racks that leave you room for expansion or you may find that you end up back at square one before you are really ready to buy yet more server racks.

Before You Buy a Cheap Powerstrip

If you are planning to go to the nearest discount store to buy a powerstrip for a computer or series of computers in order to save the cost of buying one that is purpose built for the job, you need to stop and think. What you should be thinking about is the cost of replacing all of the equipment that you are going to plug into that $5 powerstrip that you thought you were saving money buying.

Never Trust a Cheap Powerstrip

When you buy a cheap powerstrip instead of one that is intended for use with sensitive electronic equipment such as computer, you are getting no protection whatsoever from power surges. Even today, a computer can be destroyed by a relatively small surge. If you think spending $5 is going to save you money, consider how hard it is going to be coming up with the hundreds of dollars you are going to have to spend replacing your computer and then look carefully at the power strips in our online catalog before you buy.

Computer Tables Come In a Range of Styles

When you are putting together your new server facility, there are a number of items you are going to need to purchase from racks to power distribution units. However, you do have to keep in mind the need to create workstations for your technicians. Generally speaking this will entail finding the right computer tables for the purpose and as you will see in our online catalog there are a number of choices.

We Have Both Stand Up and Sit Down Computer Tables

Computer tables tend to come in one of two different styles, those you can use sitting down or those you can use standing up. However, we have taken this concept one step further and carry a range of tables that can be quickly and easily adjusted to either position depending on the needs of the situation they are being used in and the person who will be using them. This all in one style offers the ultimate solution for most working environments.

Supplying Power to Your Servers Made Easy with a PDU

One of the easier challenges to overcome when you are putting together your IT room that has multiple servers, cooling units and back up servers in place can be supplying power to everything in a carefully orchestrated manner. This is where you will find that a PDU or Power Distribution Unit can come in very handy as it can be used to supply everything from a single source.

The PDU Is Available In Numerous Configurations

The one advantage to using a PDU over a simple power strip is that they come in an incredible number of different configurations. You can buy PDUs that will allow you to turn off everything at the flick of a single switch, have individual switches for each outlet and those that are remotely controlled so that you can power up or down individual servers from a remote location as necessary. Many offer color coded outlets so that you can set up specific sections and can be purchased with our without surge protection built in.

Getting Power to Your Servers with the Right Power Strip

One of the bigger problems faced by technicians installing a rack mounted server system is often being able to get power to all of the units in the rack without using a ton of extension cords. As we all know, the use of extension cords in this type of environment can leave you plagued with problems. However, there is an easy cure. All you really need is the right power strip for the job.

We Carry a Number of Different Types of Power Strip

No matter how big or how small your racks are, you will find that we carry a power strip that will fit your needs. Our rack mount power strips are all UL listed and recognized under standards 1363, 1449, 1950 and 60950. Adjustable mounting brackets allow you to recess front outlets a full 4 ½ inches for plug clearance. You can choose from eight different plug styles to match your needs in our catalog or call us if you do not see what you need.

Choose Your Server Rack Carefully

As you are drawing up the plans for your server room, you are going to have to take a lot of equipment into consideration. One of the most important items you need to think very carefully about before you go too far is the type of server rack you plan to install all of your servers into. Your servers are going to generate a lot of heat and if your racks are not big enough to provide adequate ventilation you could end up with major problems.

The Best Server Rack Has Built in Warning Sensors and an Alert System

Unless you plan to babysit your servers 24 hours a day, you may find that a server rack that features a built in monitoring system may be your best choice. In most cases, these racks feature a built in system that monitors both temperature and humidity. If either of them go beyond established parameters, you are sent an immediate email alert so that you can address the problem.