1. Have You Been Using the Right Powerstrip for the Job?

No matter whether you are assembling a new server rack in your IT room or doing nothing more that adding another computer to one of the offices in your building, you are likely to end up using some form of power strip. The most important question is; are you using the right powerstrip for the job. At issue here is the fact that most people tend to grab the first strip they can get their hands on to plug everything into it.

You May Not Need a Surge Protected Powerstrip

Most of us have had the fact that we should always use a surge protected powerstrip drilled into our heads. However, these power strips are usually reserved for sensitive electronics such as your servers and peripheral equipment. If all you are plugging in is fans and other similar items, you will find using a non-protected power strips can cut down on your costs as these items less likely to be affected by a power surge.


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